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Ad-Aware Business Security

Complete Malware Protection for your Business
Robust endpoint malware protection with flexible remote management that makes it a perfect fit for businesses of any size. Centralized management platform giving IT administrators the ability to proactively protect their network against malware threats.

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Client Security

Antivirus - A superfast antivirus engine that complements Ad-Aware's legendary anti-spyware efforts of blocking malware from traditional viruses to the more common spyware attacks. Because both engines are made to work together, there are no conflicts or slow-downs typically associated with running two separate security programs - there's just one easy and superfast security solution.

Antispyware - The world's most trusted antispyware technology (over 450 million downloads and counting) detects and prevents known spyware and adware as well as unknown and emerging threats due to its behavior based heuristic engine.

Antispam - Powerful behind-the-scenes feature that filters inbound email messages, validating them against constantly updated blacklists of known spam sites, complemented by a learning algorithm that adapts to the changes made by spammers.

Antiphishing - Real-Time Web Filter that protects your company's employees against phishing attacks by pro-actively blocking their access to known malicious sites that are trying to harvest information.

Content Filtering - Technology that detects when sensitive information (credit card or account information, report names, client databases, etc. ) is sent outside your company control, based on previously defined filters.

Firewall - Endpoint firewall that allows you to protect the computers of users that roam or work remotely, connected to networks that are outside your company's perimeter firewall.

Automatic updates - Hourly threat updates will keep your users' PCs safer and running smoothly. The product updates can be deployed during scheduled maintenance windows, ensuring your client security is always up-to-date with the very latest threat protection.

Centralized Management

Auto Deploy - Ad-Aware Business Security deployment tool allows you to automatically build and deploy the endpoint security package to the managed (Active Directory) or unmanaged computers (Windows and Unix) from your network, with automatic workstation detection.

Auto Update - The Management Server allows intelligent distribution of the new virus definitions, the blacklist and whitelist content updates from a centralized location. The updates can be applied automatically (hourly, as soon as they become available), or scheduled to be applied outside the peak hours to minimize the impact on the network.

Enforce Policy - The Active Directory support enables the administrator to leverage the existing Windows domain structure and group policies. The security policies can be enforced directly by selecting users or user groups from the Active Directory or by managing the workstation groups from within the Management Server (if there's no Active Directory structure or specific computers are not part of it).

Restrict Control - Powerful feature that allows the network administrator to manage the users' control level over the endpoint functionality (enable/disable permissions).

Reports and Alerts - Comprehensive reporting interface that consolidates threat information, system events and critical issues from across all (Windows and UNIX) workstations and servers running within the network, allowing the network admin to quickly identify and resolve them.

Master/Slave Ability - Supported architecture enabling the addition of a very high number of workstations (through various Slave Management Servers) controlled by a single (Master) Management Server that handles the centralized policy, reporting and alert synchronization throughout the organization.

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