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Why are some Ad-Aware Enterprise clients shown in red?

When the client is shown as red this means that it was originally registered with the Ad-Aware Enterprise Server, but the connection changed. Check for any firewall issues and if the IP-address of the Server has changed. If so, to correct this you need to restart the Ad-Aware Enterprise Server client service on the clients whose IP address has changed.

To do this:

* Restart the Ad-Aware Enterprise client service either by going to the Control Panel, "Administrative Tools," then "Service" or you can restart your computer. This makes the Ad-Aware Enterprise client service re-register with the Ad-Aware Enterprise Server and show up in the Ad-Aware Enterprise Console.

If the problem continues, check if your client?s firewall settings have changed. If so, you may need to open the TCP port for your Ad-Aware Enterprise client.

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