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What rules should I create for my peer to peer application (Skype, dc++, emule, etc.)? Is it safe to put this application into the Trusted applications group?

It is is difficult to predict what ports and addresses will be used by any peer-to-peer client such as Skype or others. Creating a set of rules for the ports most often used by the application will most likely restrict its network access, multiple connection prompts will be displayed if working in Rules Wizard mode or some application data will be blocked. We recommend putting such applications into the Trusted applications group.

If you use this application on a daily basis, you should more or less trust it, so putting it into the Trusted applications group will not compromise your security.

To add an application to the Trusted applications group:

* Click Settings on the toolbar.
* Select the Trusted group on the Firewall ? Network rules page.
* Click Add, browse to the application executable, and click Open.
* Click OK to save.

To minimize risk and avoid any exploitation of possible vulnerabilities in this software, we recommend updating your applications regularly by downloading and installing new versions or software updates from their vendors.

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