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Tray Application

Double-click the Ad-Aware Tray Application in the system tray to access the Ad-Aware’s main user interface.

Right-click the Ad-Aware Tray Application to open a context menu which includes the options shown below.

Open Ad-Aware

Opens the Ad-Aware program.

Disable/Enable Ad-Aware features

Disables/Enables Ad-Aware features. Click the required feature to disable/enable it. A feature set available in the list depends on your current version of Ad-Aware.

Quick Scan

Runs a Quick scan.

The Quick Scan command is replaced by one of the following statuses depending on a process being currently performed:

  • Scanning...: when a scan of any type is being performed.
  • Scan Paused: when a scan of any type is paused.
  • Cleaning...: when a selected action is applied to threat(s) found.
  • Clean Paused: when a cleaning procedure is paused.
  • See Scan Results: when a scan of any type is finished and threats are found.

Clicking a status on the tray context menu opens a Scan Computer screen.

Applies to: Ad-Aware 11

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