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Products incompatible with Lavasoft Personal Firewall

Lavasoft Personal Firewall may perform along with some other security products, but not with all of them. Lavasoft Personal Firewall will definitely not perform with security products containing firewalls. Therefore make sure that you delete such programs before installing Lavasoft Personal Firewall.

The number of firewalls is constantly growing, below is a list of the most used products incompatible with Lavasoft Personal Firewall:

* ActiveArmor Firewall (nVidia Network Access Manager)
* AGAVA Firewall
* Armor2net Personal Firewall
* AtGuard
* BlackICE Defender
* Check Point Firewall
* Comodo Firewall Pro
* Danware NetOp Firewall
* F-Secure Internet Security/Antivirus
* F-Secure Internet Shield
* Jetico Personal Firewall
* Kaspersky Anti-Hacker
* Kaspersky Internet Security
* Kerio Personal Firewall
* Look 'n' Stop
* McAfee Personal Firewall
* Norton Internet Security
* Panda Platinum Internet Security
* PC Firewall
* Quick Heal Firewall Pro
* R-TT R-Firewall
* Rising Personal FireWall
* Secret Surf Firewall
* Softwin Bitdefender Pro
* Sophos Clien Firewall
* Sygate Personal Firewall
* Tiny Personal Firewall
* TheGreenBow TGB::BOB
* Trend Micro PC-cillin Firewall
* ZoneAlarm Security Suite

Lavasoft Personal Firewall is incompatible with the following security products:

* BWMeter (Desksoft Network packet filter driver)
* NetLimiter Pro

Lavasoft Personal Firewalls partial performance with some of the listed products is possible only if you disable firewalls as well as other tools for controlling network traffic contained in those products. However, in such cases Lavasoft does not guarantee stable operation of its software.

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