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My computer seems slow when using certain programs or online games

If you experience a slowdown on your computer while running certain applications or online games you might need to add them to the Virus Monitor exception list.
In order to do this, click the options button in the Virus Check section.
In this new window that opens up, click the Monitor tab and then the Exceptions button.
In the Monitor Exceptions window, click New and select whether to add a directory or a specific file to the exceptions list.
If you wish to add a directory to the exceptions list click the …-button and then browse to the location on your hard drive where the program is located (C:\directory\ )  and click OK.
If you wish to add a specific file to the exception list you will have to type in where the file is located (C:\directory\program.exe ) and then click OK.
The program or directory is now no longer monitored by Total Security.  For this reason it is always recommended to scan the program using Ad-Aware Total Security before adding it to the exception list.

Applies to: Ad-Aware Total Security

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