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How to set a scheduled scan

You can schedule the scan process to run it periodically. It is very useful to keep your computer free from malware on a regular basis.

To access the Schedule screen and configure the schedule options, proceed through the steps listed below:

1. On the main screen, click Scan Now, or click the icon next to the Antivirus & Antispyware feature, or click the icon . Alternatively, on the Quick Access Toolbar, click Scan.

2. With the scan screen displayed, click the Schedule tab. The Schedule screen displays:

3. Select the Automatically scan my computer check box. With that, you can set one of the following options:

- Scan my computer on startup;

- Scan my computer with the following schedule.

Setting the Scan my computer with the following schedule option enables you to specify the scheduling parameters listed below:

- Frequency period to scan computer (Daily, Weekly, and Monthly)

- Scan type (Quick, Full, and Custom)

- Scan time

Click the Restore Defaults button to restore the default scheduling parameters.

*For more detailed information with screen shots please see the product manual for Ad-Aware10*

Applies to: Ad-Aware 10

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