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How to enable the Advanced Firewall

Our two-way firewall complements and enhances the protection offered by your typical router and provides more robust security by monitoring which applications are attempting to send data out (outgoing traffic). To set the Advanced Firewall feature and configure its general settings, proceed through the steps listed below:

1. On the main screen, click the icon next to the Advanced Firewall feature, or click the icon . The Advanced Firewall (General) tab opens.

2. Select the Enable check box to enable the firewall.

3. Set the additional features by selecting the required check box:

- Enable Intrusion Detection System (IDS)

- Log packets going to unopened ports

- Enable Boot Time Protection

4. Click the Stop All Traffic button to block the HTTP traffic on your PC. Click Resume All Traffic to allow filtering incoming and outgoing traffic based on the firewall settings.

5. Click Reset to Defaults to reset your firewall to the recommended settings.

With the dialog displayed, select a mode radio button to reset the firewall settings to. In addition, you can select Delete all user defined firewall rules to reset all personal firewall rules to default.

Note: Simple Mode is recommended for most users who simply want basic firewall protection. All you need to do is keeping the firewall enabled in the Simple Mode which is default.

Once the Simple Mode is enabled, the firewall allows the outgoing traffic and blocks any incoming traffic. In addition, you can still make changes and create rules, as needed.

*For more detailed information with screen shots please see the product manual for Ad-Aware10*

Applies to: Ad-Aware 10

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