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How to enable E-mail Protection

The E-mail Protection feature allows you to shield e-mail from malware, spam, viruses and phishing attempts filtering both inbound and outbound messages. Once E-mail Protection is on, your email is automatically scanned behind the scenes. To set and configure the E-mail Protection feature, proceed through the steps listed below:

1. On the main screen, click the icon next to the E-mail Protection feature, or click the icon . The E-mail Protection tab opens.

2. Select the Enable check box to scan all incoming and outgoing emails.

3. From the email program list, select the corresponding check box to specify an e-mail client you use.

4. Select the Enable Anti-Phishing check box to enable anti-phishing. Once the feature is on, any email you receive is being protected from the phishing scam. The application strips the known bad URL link from the email.

5. Select the Quarantine a copy of original e-mail check box to save an original copy of the email to the quarantine folder. You can open E-mail Protection Reports periodically to view a log of what E-mail Protection has detected.

6. Click Restore Defaults to reset settings to their default values.

*For more detailed information with screen shots please see the product manual for Ad-Aware10*

Applies to: Ad-Aware 10

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