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How to enable and configure Email Protection

The Email Protection feature allows you to shield email from malware, spam, and viruses filtering inbound messages. Once Email Protection is on, your email is automatically scanned behind the scenes.

To set and configure the Email Protection feature, proceed through the steps listed below:

1. On the left menu, click Email Protection. The Email Protection screen opens.

2. Click the slider next to Email Protection to enable Email Protection. At a time, the Block emails written in Asian characters and Block emails with Cyrillic characters features are enabled as well.

Alternatively, on the Home screen, click the slider next to Email Protection to enable the feature.

If Ad-Aware has detected any incompatible software, you need to install additional components to enable Email Protection. For the purpose, click the slider and then continue installing additional components.

You can disable the Block emails written in Asian characters feature or the Block emails with Cyrillic characters feature separately by clicking a corresponding slider. With that, the Email Protection feature remains enabled.

Use the Protection Level drop-down combo box to select a level of the protection:

  • Aggressive. Provides maximum possible spam detection that guarantees complete protection against malicious content. However, there is a risk of false positives occurrence (detection of valid email messages as spam).
  • Normal. It is the recommended level that provides high degree of protection without detecting false positives.
  • Permissive. Provides the lowest level of protection (not recommended) that increases risk of false negatives.

Email Protection is available only for desktop email clients that use POP3/SMTP mail servers.

Applies to: Ad-Aware 11

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