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How to configure Network Protection advanced settings

You can set and configure advanced settings for the Network Protection feature from the Advanced Settings screen.

To access the Advanced Settings screen, on the Network Protection screen, click Advanced Settings.

Here you can manage the following settings:

  • Internet connection sharing. Click the slider to enable the protection of your internet connection from being shared without your consent.
  • Block port scans. Click the slider to enable blocking hackers from scanning your computer ports.
  • Monitor process changes. Click the slider to enable monitoring all process changes in applications and adapters for which you have created rules.
  • Application Rules. Click the link to manage operations applied to your applications.
  • Adapter Settings. Click the link to manage adapter(s) available on your PC.
  • Default action. Use the drop-down combo box to select a default action (Allow, Deny or Prompt). Allow and Deny actions are applied to any program or zone, or both for which no rule has been created yet. If the Prompt action is selected, you are prompted to apply Allow or Deny action for any application, when it is trying to access network/internet.

Once Allow or Deny action is applied, the corresponding application rule is automatically created. When the application accesses network/internet next time, you are not prompted again.

Applies to: Ad-Aware 11

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