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How to activate your Free Ad-Aware Antivirus program

If you have chosen to activate Ad-Aware Free at the end of your trial instead of upgrading to Ad-Aware Pro, than the following activation steps need to be taken in order to maintain your level of protection and to continue receiving definition and software updates:

Select the "Activate" option

2) When the dialog box has been displayed, type your full name and e-mail address in the corresponding fields. Then make sure the check box for “I have read and agree to Lavasoft Privacy Policy” has been selected and click the Submit button to proceed.
Note: If you want to receive our newsletter on relevant information about security threats as well as promotional offers from Lavasoft, select the Yes, sign-me to the Lavasoft newsletter check box.

3) Once you have completed submitting the registration form, an email with your activation key will be sent to the email address you have entered as shown below:

In addition, you are presented with an option to change your email address or resend an email to the address you have indicated in the previous step. If you would like to resubmit new information, simply click on the link of your choice in the window displayed.

4) Once this is done, copy the activation key you have received to your email and paste it into the “Paste Your Activation Key” field (indicated above). Then proceed by clicking the Activate button. If you want to postpone activation, click Do it later.
Once Ad-Aware Free Antivirus + has been successfully activated, the following window will be displayed:

At which point, your computer will be protected and you will be able to continue enjoying all of Ad-Aware 10 Free Antivirus + features and protection. If Ad-Aware Free Antivirus + returns a .failed registration. message than please select the .Try Again. option.


*For more detailed information with screen shots please see the product manual for Ad-Aware10*

Applies to: Ad-Aware 10

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