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How to access Scan Report List

Ad-Aware Antivirus creates a scan report after each manual or automated scan you perform.

To access the Scan Report List screen, proceed through the steps listed below:

  1. On the left menu, click Scan Computer.
  2. With the scan screen displayed, click the View Report List link available in the Report List block.

You can delete a report from the list. Select a check box next to this report, and then click the Delete button.

To view detailed information on a scan report, click Details in the report line. The Scanned Report Details screen displays.

Details are presented in the Report Details table. Here you can see three slide boxes: Overview, Scan Result, and Objects Detected. Each slide box contains specific report details. To expand a slide box, click in the slide box caption.

In addition, you are allowed to download a report as an XML file. For the purpose, click Download Report.

Applies to: Ad-Aware 11

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