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How do I activate Ad-Aware Plus/Pro by registering with my serial number?

Make sure that you have configured your firewall or any other security programs to allow Ad-Aware network access. If necessary, you can temporarily turn off your firewall, but be sure to turn it on again after you have completed the registration procedure.


1. Open the registration window by clicking the ?Register? button (It may also say ?Renew? or ?Upgrade?) that is placed near the bottom-right corner of the screen, under 'License Status'.
2. Enter your Serial Number.
3. Click 'OK'. Ad-Aware will connect to the Internet to validate your registration. If this does not work the first time, please try again.
4. "Thank you for registering Ad-Aware" will appear once successful, Click ?OK?.
5. Restart Ad-Aware to activate the Plus or Pro versions of Ad-Aware.

You will find your license status in the Main status menu of Ad-Aware, including License type and remaining days.

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