What is ThreatWork?

What is ThreatWork?

Lavasoft ThreatWork is a feature of Ad-Aware that allows you to submit suspicious files for analysis via ThreatWork, an alliance of global anti-spyware security volunteers actively fighting online threats. After a scan, you can use ThreatWork to submit detected suspicious files directly to Lavasoft research analysts for an in-depth evaluation of a possible threat. After scanning using behavioral "Heuristics", the ThreatWork dialogue window will appear if an object selected for removal is not in Lavasoft?s Detection Database.

To submit a file via ThreatWork, in the ThreatWork dialogue window, select a suspicious file and select 'Submit'. You can also submit files via ThreatWork using drag and drop functionality. To submit a file, open ThreatWork through:

Ad-Aware (8.1, Anniversary Edition and later):

Ad-Aware's System Tray icon or from the Start menu / All programs / Ad-Aware / Toolbox / ThreatWork.

Ad-Aware 2008:

Start menu / All programs / Ad-Aware / ThreatWork.

From the ThreatWork window, you can submit files by either dragging and dropping files for submission; or by selecting items using the 'Add' button.

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