How do I resolve the "Error 1810, 1812 or 1920" problems?

How do I resolve the "Error 1810, 1812 or 1920" problems?

These problems are related to not being able to start the Ad-Aware service (aawservice.exe). This usually occurs during the final part of installation or startup of the program. To resolve the problem follow the instructions below:

A) Make sure you have Admin Rights

In order to install Ad-Aware you will need to be logged in to Windows as an Administrator or have sufficient rights on your Windows user account.

Some user accounts may not have sufficient privileges. If you are unsure, contact your system Administrator or the person who has installed Windows on your computer.

B) Try to restart the Ad-Aware Service manually

1. Close Ad-Aware
2. Go to Windows Start menu, choose 'Run...', type in 'Services.msc' and in the service window, stop Ad-Aware 2007 Service.
3. Open Ad-Aware to restart the service.

C) Use the latest installer

If neither of the above works, the Ad-Aware Service has probably been removed or blocked by 3rd party software. These programs need to be configured to trust any Ad-Aware processes or files.

1. First of all, turn off any Internet Security program temporarily, but be sure to turn them on again after you have completed the reinstallation procedure.
2. Uninstall Ad-Aware by using the ?Add or Remove Programs? facility in the ?Control Panel?.
3. Download the latest version of Ad-Aware from the Support Center or
4. Install Ad-Aware.

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