Chrome Cookies

Chrome Cookies

by LS Patrick on June 10th, 2009.

So we're beta testing bundling the Google Chrome web browser with the Ad-Aware installer.

If you choose to start using Chrome you might (like me) usually go in to your newly installed program's settings to check what tweaks can be made and what can be done to maximize privacy and minimize system resource use.

All the big browsers have their cookies setting. Use it to control (some!) of what you are sending to third parties and avoid being exploited by some of the worlds biggest 'habit spys' operating in their own little safe-zone!

Here's where you can restrict third-party cookie activity in Chrome (see image).....

Settings button > Options > 'Under the hood' tab > Cookie settings, select 'Restrict how third-party cookies can be used' from the drop down list > Close when finished to save the setting.


For more about cookies check out Wikipedia, your browser help manual or closest geek.

Google Chrome in the Ad-Aware installer is in the final stages of beta and will be released shortly!

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