Important notice for all Ad-Aware users:

We have launched an update for Ad-Aware (version 8.1.4).
Due to the size of this latest update, you may experience a delay when trying to download it.

Please allow the update to finish even if it appears slow. Should you be disconnected when trying to update, please try again.

The update will be successful eventually (unfortunately in some cases it will take longer and/or numerous attempts before being successful).

If you have a valid Ad-Aware Plus or Pro license and would like to move it over to a new or different computer, you'll need to reset the serial number that is currently registered to the old computer.

Enough Is Enough!

by LS Patrick on December 9th, 2009.

"How many adwares, firebots and viruses do I need?"..."Do I need more spyware?"

These are actually common questions we see from our users.

If you're familiar with those terms (or what the person is trying to say), then you'll know how close they are to their opposites and names or types of legit security software.
Unfortunately for some, all this talk of threats, attacks and internet danger leads them to over-do it on the security software side of things.
That kind of user then goes online and buys a load of different software, in some cases useful, in other cases dangerous. Buying and installing 'rouge' software, doing more harm than good. Or, maybe they buy every anti-virus and firewall they can find, the result is usually a laptop grinding to a halt due to all the services, scanning and updates that are battling for resources.

If you can turn on your computer, have time to make dinner before it's updated itself, scanned itself 10 times and is ready to use, then you need to pay attention to the following...

Ad-Aware Update 8.1.2

by LS Patrick on November 19th, 2009.

Released November 18th, 2009

• Issue that registry rules are not saved in Ad-Watch.
• Crash after registeration.
• Minor issue with the scan progress bar.
• Process protection so that suspicious processes are blocked after timed-out.
• Scan freeze with Norton installed on the system.
• Hanging on startup for some users
• All notifications will be suppressed when GUI is in simple mode.

• New Genotype definitions file format.
• Logging when scheduled scans are not saved.

Ad-Aware 8.1 - A quick look..

by LS Patrick on November 2nd, 2009.

We’ve just finished our latest incarnation of Ad-Aware for networks, Ad-aware Business Edition.
This is replacing Ad-Aware Enterprise.  It’s not only a replacement; this new version is packed with new functionality providing extended control for Admins working on small to large network environments. You get Ad-Aware Anniversary Pro clients across your network providing more power and stability.

Enterprise users holding a valid license get a free upgrade! Log-in to your Lavasoft Support Center account and get the installer package from the “My Downloads” section.

Chrome Cookies

by LS Patrick on June 10th, 2009.

So we're beta testing bundling the Google Chrome web browser with the Ad-Aware installer.

If you choose to start using Chrome you might (like me) usually go in to your newly installed program's settings to check what tweaks can be made and what can be done to maximize privacy and minimize system resource use.

All the big browsers have their cookies setting. Use it to control (some!) of what you are sending to third parties and avoid being exploited by some of the worlds biggest 'habit spys' operating in their own little safe-zone!

Here's where you can restrict third-party cookie activity in Chrome (see image).....


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