Ad-Aware Game Edition Now Available!

Ad-Aware Game Edition Now Available!

by Erin on November 3rd, 2009.

It’s an exciting day for us here at Lavasoft. And, we think it will be for gamers around the world once they get wind of this news: Lavasoft has just launched a new version of our flagship security software – a spin-off of Ad-Aware that’s aimed specifically at online gamers and entertainment fans, providing protection as you play.

This newest product in the Lavasoft security software lineup, Ad-Aware Game Edition, includes comprehensive, real-time anti-virus and anti-spyware protection, with special features and functionality designed to provide security against cyber crooks, without interrupting work or play in full-screen mode or straining system resources.

If you follow this blog and the Malware Labs at Lavasoft blog, you may already know that – in response to the booming online games industry – cyber thieves are cashing in, capitalizing on the transfer of cash and virtual goods that takes place regularly in online games by developing Trojans aimed specifically at plundering passwords and harvesting log-in details from users of MMORPG's. (In fact, we recently covered this topic in-depth in our online security newsletter, Lavasoft News.) While there’s no doubt that gamers, who spend long periods of time connected to the Internet, need online protection from cyber criminals, finding the right solution – one that does not impact online experience – has not been any easy task.

Enter Ad-Aware Game Edition.  The Game Edition addresses the age-old struggle in online gaming and virtual worlds of how to stay protected, without the irritating interruptions or breaks in protection that other security software programs cause.

Where will you find more details on the Game Edition? Lavasoft has launched an official companion website for the Game Edition,, focusing on the online gaming world with blogs, reviews of games, and other community aspects that you gamers out there may want to check out. Visit for complete details, including our exclusive offer at purchase to get one free game from titles such as Peggle, Bejeweled 2 and Ranch Rush.

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