Ad-Aware 9.0.2 Software Update

Ad-Aware 9.0.2 Software Update

by Jona on February 9th, 2011.

The software update to 9.0.2 was just released.

Note: Users on Windows Vista and Windows 7 will receive a warning message from Windows Security center when we replace the Ad-Aware service with the version with the new signature. The warning message will only be displayed for the few seconds it takes between the uninstallation of the old version and the installation of the new.

The software update contains a number of smaller bug fixes.

Change log:

  • Crash fix: AAWTray.exe crashes after automatic updates
  • Fixed: Failure to remove parts of Browser Hijacks in Opera
  • Fixed: DoNotDisturb mode misses events on Win7.
  • Fixed: Slow response when changing skin or language.
  • GUI will prompt a restart after selecting new skin
  • Fixed: Wrong top menu icon is highlighted after you finish a scan in simple mode.
  • Fixed Ignore/Quarantine List: When only "Do Nothing" is selected, the action-button is still enabled.
  • Fixed: TrackSweep screen context menu gets locked in certain scenarios
  • Change: Cursor will be active in text fields that was previously not selected by default
  • Change: Clicking on the Lavasoft logo on the main screen of Ad-Aware will now open the Lavasoft homepage

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