Malware Encyclopedia

Detect: Virus.Win32.Neshta.a
Platform: Win32
Type: Virus
Size: 41472 bytes
Language: Delphi
md5: BC93F4F527B58419EF42F19DB49F64A8
sha1: 2650A73B61577CFC0C0D80A7F38103D65388D808


This is a malicious program which infects executive files.

Detect: Virus.Win32.Ramnit.a

Platform: Win32

Type: Virus

Size: 103936 bytes

Language: C++

md5: CDF0778E1B80069D137A3E7A0C7C787F

sha1: E1826123B190C1FB3D11BBEA33EF6D1CCEABAD43


It is a malicious program which infects files on a User's PC.

Detect: Exploit.MIDI.CVE-2012-0003

Platform: MIDI

Type: Exploit

Size: 16447 bytes

md5: 17CA100FA300A1529AA9B144F02A1B7B

sha1: 406D33B0B284C3D33900050D9B188390431263EA


It is an exploit which downloads other malicious programs from the Internet and launches them for execution without the user’s knowledge.

Detect: Trojan-Clicker.HTML.IFrame

Platform: HTML

Type: Trojan

Language: HTML


This Trojan opens a range of Internet sites without the knowledge or consent of the user. It is an HTML page which contains IFrame tag.

Detect: Trojan.JS.PornPopUp.a

Platform: JS

Type: Trojan

Size: 1838 bytes

Language: Java Script

md5: D4C78EF9B5EC79A947D509B149B884FA

sha1: 54F2B99C60B1D77882FA2D724951FDAACB3A38A7


This is a Trojan program which opens various web pages in the browser. This Trojan is represented by the malicious JavaScript.