New Rogue: SecurityEssentials2010

by LS Anders on February 15th, 2010 in Rogues, Security Alert.

SecurityEssentials2010 is a rogue anti-spyware application. It is a clone of InternetSecurity2010.

A predecessor to this family was the AdvancedVirusRemover rogue. SecurityEssentials2010 will detect several false infections. It will then require the user to activate the software in order to remove these false infections.

Ad-Aware will detect SecurityEssentials2010 as Win32.FraudTool.SecurityEssentials2010 and Win32.FraudTool.AdvancedVirusRemover.

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security essentials 2010

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Ad-Aware scan says it removes it but security essential still seems to be on pc.  I still can't change display or do admin stuff.Further scans keep detecting objects found.  I choose remove items as my choice to deal with issues.  Is this correct or should I quaranitne?



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