New Rogue: MalwareCleaner

by LS Anders on April 21st, 2009 in Rogues.

MalwareCleaner might at the first look not look like a rogue and it offers a “free of charge 60 day trial period”. However, once it is installed, the user will quickly notice that this really not is the case.  During the first scan it will find traces of malware on the machine.

To remove the detected file the user needs to buy a license for the program. Furthermore, the file was actually put there during the MalwareCleaner installation and is not a real Trojan infection.  If this does not convince the user to buy a license MalwareCleaner  also presents a fake version of Windows Security Center that recommends MalwareCleaner as Virus protection.













They even hijacked the link to the Windows Privacy Statement.  Apart from every link leading to the MalwareCleaner homepage settings for Firewall and Automatic Updates are not available.