New Rogue: ArmorDefender

by LS Anders on January 19th, 2010 in Rogues, Security Alert.

The creators behind the Winiguard rogue and its long line of clones have now released their next generation of clones. First out in this new line of clones is ArmorDefender.

And just as before, it is spreading by using fake online scanners.

They have also done some redesign to the home page templates (they got a new logo).

When the rogue starts to scan, it will detect several false infections. To be able to remove these infections, the user will need to license the application. To further scare the user, they also present a false Windows Security Center.

Ad-Aware will detect ArmorDefender as Win32.FraudTool.ArmorDefender and Win32.FraudTool.WiniGuard.

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