New Rogue: AntiVirusStudio2010

by LS Anders on October 4th, 2010 in Rogues, Security Alert.

AntiVirusStudio 2010 is a new rogue anti-virus application. It is a clone of DesktopDefender2010.

AntiVirusStudio installs buy using fake online scanners. Once installed it will detect several threats. To be able to remove these threats the user need to license the product. If these threats are not removed the software will start showing more fake alerts to scare the user into purchasing a license.

And fake attacks against the system.

If the user still is not scared into purchasing a license they will try another approach, a one-day-only-special-security-offer.

Ad-Aware detects Antivirus2010 as Win32.FraudTool.AntiVirusStudio and Win32.FraudTool.DesktopDefender2010.

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