Links Associated with "Apple iPhone 4.0 Leak" May Redirect to Rogue Sites!

by Pekka on April 20th, 2010 in Security Alert.

Users that are looking for information regarding Gray Powell, associated with the Apple iPhone 4.0 leak, may find themselves redirected to rogue websites that launch a fake anti-virus scan upon arrival.

The perpetrators then try to lure users into downloading and installing rogue software, such as "CleanUp Antivirus."

They try to accomplish that by generating false "Warning! Virus detected" alerts stating that the user's computer is infected.

Please be aware of this tactic used by scammers and stay away from these scam sites! And, keep in mind that Ad-Aware Pro is able to help you block malware such as "CleanUpAntivirus" from entering your system. The rogue "CleanUpAntivirus" is registered in the Lavasoft Rogue Gallery

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