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How do I register using the license key?

Open the e-mail message that contains the license key and select all the text between "Registration key begins" and "Registration key ends" using your mouse (click before the first character in the first line of the key and while holding down the left mouse button move the mouse to the last character in the last string of the key, release the mouse button when you have highlighted the entire key as shown in the picture below).

# Right-click anywhere inside the highlighted text and select Copy from the shortcut menu to copy the license key to the Clipboard (a generally invisible area used for Copy and Paste actions).
# Select Start ? Programs ? Lavasoft ? Lavasoft Personal Firewall and click Enter Registration Key. In the Enter Key window, click the Paste button and your registration key (which you copied to the Clipboard in step 2) will be inserted into the blank box from the Clipboard.
# Click OK to save the key and close the dialog to complete the registration process

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