Wow, we're live!

by Mattias on December 19th, 2008 in MyLavasoft blog.

Oh, you made it! Welcome to MyLavasoft. And without further ado, let me introduce the team that made this happen:

Hi from the Web Team

I have to admit that I'm still a little shellshocked that we actually are live right now. This project has been a pet idea of many employees at Lavasoft so to see it launch in this early form is very exciting for us.

The core concept of MyLavasoft is "community done right". A lot of social communities out there care little about user privacy, asking for or collecting information without giving any reason or notice. Some also fail in security, unintentionally exposing their users to malicious threats and providing a good distribution platform for the makers of spyware and malware to make a profit from.

With MyLavasoft, we want to present the world with an smarter and more secure alternative. A haven of sorts where discussion takes place that benefits the users of not only this community but also users of other social communities worldwide, a change driven by the ideas and concepts that spring forward in the discussion.

Bold statements, but change is necessary. Social communities aren't going away - we all love them (because we love to keep in touch with each other). But something or someone needs to push and advise them that they need to change and improve to better protect and respect their users.

Together we can be that someone and that something.

And I do promise that the next blog post will be a bit more on the lighter and brighter side... :)

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Good luck with this.

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Good luck with this.

Good luck everybody... this

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Good luck everybody...

this is another big move towards safer computing...

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