8.2.5 Update to Ad-Aware

We have just release an update to Ad-Aware.It includes:    - Updates to scan statistics.    - Added Mozilla Thunderbird to whitelist.    - Adjusted the siz...
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8.2.5 Update to Ad-Aware

8.2.5 Update to Ad-Aware

by LS_Johan on June 15th, 2010.

We have just release an update to Ad-Aware.

It includes:

    - Updates to scan statistics.
    - Added Mozilla Thunderbird to whitelist.
    - Adjusted the size of the configure proxy dialog.
    - Fixed crash in configure proxy dialog.
    - Fixed text overlap when switching from simply to advanced mode.
    - Fixed profile switching back to default profile in scheduler.
    - Several stability fixes.

To retrieve this update, click the Webupdate button in Ad-Aware or from the Start Menu in All Programs->Lavasoft->Ad-Aware->Ad-Aware Update

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