SpywareIsolator - Another Rogue AntiSpyware Application

by LS Anders on February 4th, 2008 in Rogues, Security Alert.

Spyware Isolator is one of this week's new rogue anti-spyware applications that we have seen here at Lavasoft Research. Its behaviour is typical of standard rogue applications.


Application Screenshot


SpywareIsolator installs and quickly scans your system, displaying a list of detected 'threats' upon completion. These 'theats' are not linked to anything on the system - in other words, the application generates fake results to scare the user into believing there are problems with their system. For example, the program claims to have prevented a 'fishing' attempt =). After the quick scan is completed the user will be asked to register SpywareIsolator to remove the infections.



Detection Alarm screenshot


Both buttons will ask for registration of the program. If the user chooses to proceed without removing they will be periodically prompted with warnings.



Alarm screenshot
Alarm Screenshot

Alarm Screenshot

Stay away from these rogue applications. Don't let them trick you.



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