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by Lina on March 27th, 2008 in Lavasoft Products.


Lavasoft Personal Firewall 3.0 - New Version Now Available

With cyber threats morphing and growing more sophisticated, it is imperative to have a solid security solution. Hackers, identity thieves, Trojans, and keyloggers are just a few of the intruders waiting to get their hands on your confidential information, through unpatched security holes.


In order to provide you with the critical protection you need to keep your PC safe from unauthorized access, we have just released the latest version of our Firewall - Lavasoft Personal Firewall 3.0. Using the latest technology, this redesigned version offers a powerful two-way firewall, host protection, web control features and advanced leak protection, while remaining simple, and easy to use.

What else is in this latest version? Take a look at the full product details.

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