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by Erin on February 19th, 2009 in News about Lavasoft.

Not too long ago, we called on our Ad-Aware users to write in with their thoughts and stories of what our software has meant to them over the past decade.

We're humbled and flattered - not to mention extremely appreciative - of all of the e-mails that have poured in to help celebrate Lavasoft's 10th year in the anti-spyware industry. We'd like to share a few of these stories with you:

"One day, my sister called me and said her new PC was running very slow and sluggish, and she stated that it was not like her PC to run like that. I asked if she was running an anti-virus program and firewall, and if she had ever heard of Ad-Aware. I told her to go CNET and download the free version and she did! No more than an hour later she e-mailed me and said that her new PC had about 30 malware programs and Trojans on it. I said, well, get rid of them - she did and got back to me just bragging about how I saved her PC. I said, no honey it was not me, it was Ad-Aware that did it. Her new PC is now running just like the day it came out of the box! And I am so happy for her!"

-Donald in Georgia, USA

"I'm a 53 year old granny from Finland and have had a computer with an Internet connection a long, long time... I'm living my happy life with my love.. and with several computers. All of our computers have Lavasoft's Ad-Aware which we trust and is easy to use.

For us, the security of the Internet is the most important thing. Though my personal laptop is only under my use and no one has entrance to it without my permission, the Internet is not a very safe place anymore. Luckily, there are good virus and "bug" protection programs to help us to keep our machines clean and functional. I wish that one day our home can be kept clean just as easily.

Thank you, Lavasoft, for good programs which help me to enjoy the world that this wonderful Internet provides me. I can't think of any other way to explore the whole world and find the information we need, not to mention the amusement that the Internet provides us. Thank you, Lavasoft, for helping me to keep my online life secure."

-Merja in Kirkkonummi, Finland

"I have used the Lavasoft products for many years now both those that were free downloads and those that I had to pay for. They are all good products and have recommended them to a number of friends that have businesses of their own.

My son who is a chiropractor and my daughter in-law who is an eye doctor have both used them in their offices. Why? Because they are safe and secure products that people can rely on time and time again. So in closing let me just say thank you for all the free downloads my friends have used, and thank you for the paid products and great support through the years."

-Mike in Illinois, USA

For more words from your fellow Ad-Aware users, take a look at the February issue of Lavasoft News.

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