You Bring a Smile to Our Face

by Michael on September 14th, 2006 in News about Lavasoft.

Everyone likes to receive a pat on the back sometimes, to know that something they are doing makes a difference in another persons life. Here at Lavasoft, we're no different.

Here's what Jim in Indiana, USA, told us this week. "In the past few months there has been a really troublesome Trojan named "VirusBurst" making the rounds, and several of my friends - including myself - were unfortunate enough to find it on our computer... when I realized what it was I went to the web and there I found a load of sites all indicating that they had the "fix". I tried several and some of them were a little like the VirusBurst bug, they didn't work - but they did hang around continuously attempting to load themselves onto my computer. Stopzilla, McAfee, and Webroot told me that they were all working on the fix also. However, tonight I decided to run the only program I had not so far tried, "Ad-Aware"... no more VirusBurst. Since it's such a pest that's hard to beat and your product did it - you may want to let folks know! I suffered with it for about 10 days, and I was willing to do anything to get rid of it so, thanks for your "Ad-Aware"."

Well, Jim, now we're letting folks know!

Thanks for letting us know!

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