We are Committed!

by Michael on October 26th, 2006 in Researcher Comments.

We are committed. We are loyal to you. And we're making changes that will create an engaged global network of dedicated security watchdogs like yourself. Bear with us and be assured that you'll be glad you did.

There have been some problems with our definition file updates lately. No, we're not too proud to admit that. In fact, we are addressing it head-on, and we're speaking to you directly through the forums, through e-mails, through this blog, and anywhere else that we think you might be listening.

The Lavasoft Security Center (previously Lavasoft Research Center) has a strategy in place that is going to provide a stronger network for individuals that wish to truly engage in the fight against malware. One of the methods of achieving their goals requires new processes to be established and services upgraded. As a result of the short-term changes that will develop into long-term benefits, there have been a few issues with the definition file updates, including false positives. We know that is not acceptable for you, and you need to know that it is not acceptable for us, either. Completion of the processes currently being implemented is expected next week and is just one of the ways that we are directly addressing false positives.

Some of you have experienced incorrect dates on your definition file updates. Again, we've addressed this in our current system, and we expect that the new processes in place next week ensure that this does not happen again in the future.

Have you had problems getting to the definition file updates? There are a few places that you can download the latest Ad-Aware definition file updates in addition to our own website, especially if you are trying to download at the same time that our 200 million users around the globe are trying to download. Try one of our mirror sites, like our long-standing partners at MajorGeeks.com. They are an official Lavasoft mirror site for Ad-Aware SE Personal free downloads as well as the definition file updates.

Changes can be tough. But any inconveniences that you may be experiencing today are short-term, and while we don't like these issues that have arisen, we know that there are going to be long-term benefits for everyone. We are committed, and we are loyal to you. Bear with us and be assured that you'll be glad you did!

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