U.S. FTC Permanently Shuts Down Rogue ISP, 3FN

Last June, the United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC) broke the news that it had shut down a notorious rogue Internet service provider that was accused of actively participating in hosting and distributing spam-spreading botnets, phishing sites, spyware, child pornography and other illegal content.

Here’s an update – a win for the good guys: the FTC announced yesterday that, at its request, a U.S. district court judge permanently shut down 3FN, and ordered it to give up over $1.08 million in illegal profits.

According to its news release, the FTC charged that 3FN, “…actively recruited and colluded with criminals to distribute harmful electronic content including spyware, viruses, trojan horses, phishing schemes, botnet command-and-control servers, and pornography featuring children, violence, bestiality, and incest.”

More than 4,500 malware programs – including programs capable of keystroke logging, password stealing, and data theft, programs with hidden backdoor remote control activity, and programs involved in spam distribution – were controlled by command-and-control servers hosted by 3FN, the FTC says.

3FN also did business as Pricewert LLC, Triple Fiber Network, APS Telecom, APX Telecom, APS Communications, and APS Communication.

Read the FTC’s news release to learn more.

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