"Traveling the World to Catch Cyber Criminals"

You know how we love to bring you good news? Today's story: dedicated law enforcement professionals are somewhere out there, prepared to travel the world at a moments notice to protect you from cyber intrusions.

It may sound like something straight out of a comic book; something about their motto "Traveling the World to Catch Cyber Criminals" makes you want to precede it with "faster than a speeding bullet." But highly trained teams of United States FBI agents, analysts, computer forensic and malicious code experts have been fighting serious, fast-moving cyber threats.

The FBIs Cyber Action Teams, or CATs, recently made the news, as they attempt to live up to their promise to secure our cyber world from threats to the economy and to national security.

What kind of action have they taken? You may remember hearing about the Zotob code, which was designed to release a worm that would steal credit card information and financial data from thousands of infected computers. The worm disrupted more than a quarter of a million computers in August 2005.

CATs were responsible for helping to crack the case, with an investigation that led to catching the perpetrators of the Zotob worm. CATs traced the worm and were on site in Turkey and Morocco, armed with forensic computer gear, less than 72 hours after Zotob struck.

Two of the men behind the release of the Zotob worm were sentenced to time in prison this past fall.

We'll be keeping an eye out for the next time the FBIs CATs stalk any more cyber rats.

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