The Origin of Skins

Hawaii postcard

Ad-Aware 2008 comes loaded with four new skins, providing you with more choices when it comes to giving your favorite anti-spyware a look and feel that suits your taste. Below you will find brief presentations of the new skins and how they came to be.





This was actually the original color scheme for Ad-Aware 2007 and it was only towards the end of the development process that it was scrapped for the cooler blue colors of the current default skin. The skin got its name when a friend sent us a picture from a sunny Hawaii, which incidentally matched the skin's color scheme perfectly. Thanks Maria!


The idea for a metal skin was also born during the development of Ad-Aware 2007, and has been one of the most frequently requested skin options from the Lavasoft employees. So, in an effort to spread some joy around the office - and among all metal fans out there around the globe - we created Metal.
Indeed, a quick Friday afternoon poll around the Lavasoft office confirms that Metal is the favorite skin, followed by Pink Friday and Carbon, which are presented below.


Ever since the release of Ad-Aware 2007, Ad-Aware users have been requesting a black skin. Now it is here and the inspiration for its look comes from the strong, lightweight, carbon fiber material and - more specifically - bicycle frames made thereof. With a product launch scheduled for the middle week of this year's first Grand Tour, it seems fitting to supply the product with a skin geared towards the cycling aficionados out there.


Pink Friday
Do you think pink is girly? Well, think again - the pink Friday tradition at Lavasoft has its foundation within the all-male development group, who started the tradition of wearing something pink on Fridays back in the fall of 2006. Since then, the tradition has had its up and downs but it remains the arguably strongest of our office traditions, bar the Friday fika

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