Sentencing Delayed....Again

Sentencing in the so-called 'Spyware Teacher' case has been delayed - for the third time.

40-year-old Julie Amero was to be sentenced in a Connecticut court today (April 26). The case will now be heard May 18.

This time around it was the Assistant State Attorney who prosecuted the case asking for a continuance. David J. Smith wrote, "The state has not completed a full examination of all the issues which may affect its position at the sentencing hearing".

Amero was convicted in January on four counts of risk of injury to a minor. Her seventh grade students were exposed to pornographic images on a classroom PC, which Amero claims, were generated by pop-ups and were out of her control.

A jury disagreed and Amero made headlines around the world with her conviction and impending sentence - up to 40 years behind bars.

Several computer experts have come to Ameros defense, claiming it was spyware that caused the porn sites to pop-up.

The question is: why all the delays?

There are several theories: one IT security expert speculates on his blog that another high-profile case in Connecticut right now would overshadow sentencing in the Amero case; others think all the delays can only mean one thing - she will be exonerated.

Stay tuned. We'll post the results from the May 18 sentencing hearing here - if it happens.

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