Security Pro Turned Botmaster

We've brought you news of the growing botnet threat with an article in our Spyware Education Center and updates in Lavasoft News. This weekend brought a new botnet-related news story making the headlines.

A California, U.S. man has admitted to infecting a quarter of a million computers with malware and spyware, allowing attackers to control the machines remotely in order to steal the personal details of thousands of people.

John Schiefer, a security professional who worked by day as an information security consultant, has agreed to plead guilty to four counts of fraud and wiretap charges, according to reports. He could face up to 60 years in prison, as well as a $1.75 million fine.

Schiefer is said to be the first person in the U.S. accused of violating federal wiretapping laws by operating a botnet.

Read the full report.

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