Safari for Windows

by Erin on July 5th, 2007 in Industry and Security News.

While there is debate about why Apple has developed a version of its Safari Web browser for Microsofts Windows operating system, two points seem clear: the Windows version of the Mac application should work in Apples favor in terms of browser market share, and it could also benefit Apples iPhone by getting programmers to create applications for the iPhone, analysts say.

Within days of its public beta mid-June release, Apple reported downloads of the browser had reached the one million marker.

This release, though, could spell some new security challenges for Apple. Security researchers have been quick to report vulnerabilities in the program. Since bugs are expected from software in the beta phase, the true test may come after Apple releases a final, more secure version. While Apple software is notorious for dodging the security threats that have been known to go after widely used Microsoft products, applications that run on Windows are ever-popular attack targets.

A rise in use of the browser may affect its security woes. Currently, the Safari browser runs on only about 5 percent of the worlds computers (all of which are Macs), whereas Microsofts Internet Explorer is used by nearly 80 percent, according to recent stats.

The browser is expected to have a final release in October. Even though Apple has said Safari is designed to be "secure from day one," those who migrate to this browser are still going to need to keep an eye out for suspicious links, downloads, and sites, along with staying updated with the latest patches.

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