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by Erin on July 16th, 2009 in Industry and Security News, Security Tips.

Security concerns relating to Twitter have been buzzing through the news lately. Take, for example, the spam issues related to URL shortening services and the resurgence of the Koobface worm.

Due to its popularity, there’s no question that we’ll see more innovative attacks aimed at Twitter and its millions of users – as well as other leading networking sites – in the future; cyber criminals and scammers are drawn to the sites and services that allow them to target the greatest amount of users, and reap the largest profits.

But, the latest security incident involving the micro-blogging site that’s making headlines is of a less novel nature: an e-mail hack leading to what’s being called a “major data breach”, exposing a number of internal, corporate documents.

What can we learn from this particular incident? This Associated Press article seems to sum it up best, saying: “What the attacks on Twitter show is that Web sites don't need to get compromised in the traditional sense to put its users and employees at risk...The lesson from Twitter's latest security troubles is an old one: Use strong passwords…”. To learn some helpful hints on how to bolster your own password security, take a look at the Lavasoft Security Center.

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