New York Times Ad Pushes Rogue

by Erin on September 14th, 2009 in Industry and Security News.

Today’s rogue security software warning –

An ‘unauthorized advertisement’ has been causing problems on The New York Times website; an ad has been spotted issuing pop-ups, warning visitors of a non-existent virus, and prompting them to download rogue security software.

As reported by CNET News:

“The rogue ad warns readers that their computer may be infected with a virus and redirects them to a site that purports to offer antivirus software…The site,, is a hijacker that uses fraudulent strategies to promote fake security software, according to security site”

Take a look at the CNET News article for the full story.

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Hey, I have Ad Aware Pro, and

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Hey, I have Ad Aware Pro, and the system caught that problem with the New York Times ad.  It did not let me visit the site, some registry warning took over.  So kudos to Ad Aware.  Looking forward to the new release.

I newer surfing internet

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I newer surfing internet without sanboxed browser. I case, when you catch a virus or rogue nothing will go into your system. Simply delete content of sandbox and your computer is clean. Sandboxie is free (
Very important is that to have latest updates to Windows, internet browser, Java and Adobe Flash Player. If you avoid updates your system become very vulnerable to threats. There are many websites (event this well know) which use exploits to search security holes in your browser.
To know what you should update go to and download Secunia PSI, install it and do computer scan.
If you use Firefox I recommend to use some very important, useful security add-ons like AdBlock Plus, NoScript, WOT, BetterPrivacy.
If you use or must use Internet Explorer update it to newest version (which is 8), install IE7Pro which allows to block ads, has mouse gestures, bookmark synchronization, increasing browser's speed and many more. You can also install WOT (Web Of Trust).

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