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by Michael on September 3rd, 2007 in Lavasoft Products.

Three new products now available at Lavasoft"More security products from Lavasoft!" is what you've said, and we are ready to deliver, starting the run with an ecryptor, a file shredder, and a convenient toolbox that combines both tools.

Be the first to have a look at our three new products when we launch today at 12 noon (Central European Time): Lavasoft Digital Lock - File Encryptor, Lavasoft File Shredder, and the Lavasoft Privacy Toolbox.

Need an extra level of security for sensitive documents when stored on your computer? How about blocking thieves from stealing info in your e-mail attachments? The new Lavasoft Digital Lock - File Encryptor gives that added protection by supporting multiple encyrypting algorithms including the new AES standard 256 Bits.

Next on your list of security tools should be an application to make sure that deleted files are really gone...and unretrievable! Deleting your computer files is the same as throwing away an important document in the trash. The information can still be found by unscrupulous characters, unless you send it through the shredder! The new Lavasoft File Shredder guarantees that when you delete your files, they are gone for good.

And to make it convenient for you, we have integrated both of these tools into one, easy-to-use interface in the new Lavasoft Privacy Toolbox. You'll also save 20 bucks in the process!

You asked for got it!

And there's more where that came from - so keep your eyes wide open in these coming months.

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