New privacy concerns for companies

In a recent article by CBC News more security and privacy concerns for companies, and possibly individuals, have been highlighted.

The problem centers around your disused photocopier. Since modern photocopiers contain hard drives for storing the information they scan this information is available long after you have forgotten all about it.

The concerns are two fold. Firstly, since people do not ordinarily consider this when disposing of a photocopier, often no attempt is made to clear out the saved information which makes it readily accessible to anyone after resale. The second concern is, even if you take steps to delete the data, information delete from a hard drive can never be guaranteed to be 100% removed and will be accessible to those with the means and determination to get it.

To ensure privacy from you disused photocopier you need to remove the hard drive before resale, if you are leasing this may of course not be allowed. If privacy is major concern for you, check that the terms of your lease allow this before agreeing to the lease.

For the original article click here.

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