New Malware Lab blogs: Malware Descriptions and Malware Removal Support

New Malware Lab blogs: Malware Descriptions and Malware Removal Support

by News Editor on April 3rd, 2012 in Security Tips.

We have added a few sections under our malware lab blogs! This means that you will have more helpful tips, insights, facts and figures about all things malware!

Here are the new sections:

  • Malware Description

The main purpose for this section is to educate you about how malware functions in a certain way that is easily understandable and accessible. how it works is that our malware analysts will dissect a piece of malware and describe a number of technical details about it, the payload and the steps necessary on how to remove it from your computer system. We are aiming to post at least 15 blogs per month, so keep checking up on us to get the latest malware report at:

  • Malware Removal Support Blog

Our malware removal support blog is one of our continuous effort in educating you about all things malware. This specific section is dedicated to explain the different parts of the computer that you have heard of but have not had the chance to acquire what they are or how to utilize them. These blogs will cover different topics, such as:

  • How to manipulate the registry (how to manually remove malicious registry entries and not destroy your machine).
  • How to search for running malicious process and learn how to terminate them.

Visit us at:

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