Lavasoft's CEO Discusses His Thoughts on The Future of Ad-Aware

by News Editor on December 19th, 2012 in News about Lavasoft.

Ad-Aware was created more than twelve years ago to combat a new problem being ignored by anti-virus companies; adware and spyware. It may be that anti-virus companies didn’t have the know-how, the will, or were simply afraid of being sued by wealthy and litigious adware companies but it was a problem that someone needed to address.

For Lavasoft, these small, efficiently engineered apps are an inspiration to make our products simpler and more intuitive than ever, focusing on doing a few things extremely well. We’ll let other companies try to convince you their monolithic product covers all the bases. Good luck to them – they’ll need it.

Our goals with Ad-Aware 11 are quite ambitious but attainable. Here are a few of them:

  • Offer a free anti-malware product with the best malware/virus detection and removal capabilities, blocking and removing all types of malware including unknown zero-day threats.  Early results show us this is well within our reach.
  • Make Ad-Aware more intuitive and easy to use. A simplified interface puts the user experience first – it might shock some reviewers but we don’t make Ad-Aware for them. We even want expert users to get some relief. Gone are the thousands of options that allow you to endlessly customize and reconfigure everything. Instead, you will find simple and basic controls that will get Ad-Aware out of your way allowing you to focus on getting stuff done.
  • A soon-to-be-announced simplified Antivirus Companion product whose purpose is to provide a complementary layer security to users of other antivirus products. Think of it as a second line of defense against malware that won’t conflict with your primary antivirus.

We’re aiming to combine the simplicity and focus of our original apps with all the power of a premium priced anti-virus scanner – for free. Ad-Aware 11 will be a significant leap forward for Lavasoft and an essential weapon in your armory.

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