Lavasoft Future Technologies Team

by Lina on March 3rd, 2008 in Everyday Life at Lavasoft.

Lavasofts newly formed Future Technologies Team, consisting of Joe Wells, Odd Stranne, and Jason Franks recently got together for a strategies session in Nevada to discuss technical initiatives that will bring us into a new era of malware detection, removal, and protection. Below are a couple of photos from their latest meeting:

Joe Wells, Odd Stranne, and Jason FranksKey members of the Lavasoft Advanced Research Team contemplate future technologies, while sitting at the gravesite of Captain James T. Kirk, atop Silica Dome in the Valley of Fire on planet Veridian 3 in the Alpha quadrant.

Joe Wells

Joe Wells explains an ancient flowchart for Stone Age anti-malware technology; which, by the way, is evidently still used by some competitors products.

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