IT Hiccups Expected When Clocks Change

by isergant on February 9th, 2007 in Industry and Security News.

This is directed at all of our North American users - did you know that you'll be turning the clocks ahead three weeks earlier this year? And that your PC could be affected?

In a bid to conserve electricity, an American energy policy was signed into law in 2005 calling for the extension of DST by four weeks. This year it will be moved from the first Sunday in April to the second Sunday in March, and will end one week later, the first Sunday in November.

This move could prove to be a nuisance for computer users and businesses with outdated systems. Those with the latest version of Windows XP, an automatic update will take place February 13th. However, anyone with an older operating system may have to download patches manually.

A Microsoft support page has been set up with information on what is affected and how to fix it.

Security analysts say the shift could also throw off everything from VCRs and climate-control systems, to stock trades and even airport departure grids that could display the wrong time.

We'll see how much of an IT hiccup this causes. Y2Ks bark was definitely worse than its bite.

P.S. Don't forget - it's spring forward, fall back!

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