FTC Warning to Consumers and Businesses on BP Oil Spill Scams

Here’s one to watch out for: The U.S. FTC is warning consumers and businesses to be aware of scams stemming from the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The scams are likely to come in the form of real world (including phone calls, door-to-door collections, and flyers) as well as online dangers (including e-mail, websites, and social networking sites).

Scammers may claim to be raising money for environmental causes or offer fraudulent services related to the oil spill – like claiming they can expedite loss claims for a free. However, the FTC says that, “Chances are they’re trying to gain your trust to get inside your home or get access to your personal information…at the very least, you will want to do some homework before making a donation or entering into an agreement for services.”

Take a look at the full warning to read specific tips on oil spill-related claims, insurance, contractors, donations to charities, and volunteer opportunities.

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