Browsers & Your Security

Browser security, namely which web browser keeps users the most secure, has long been a hotly disputed topic in the computer security industry. That’s why there was so much buzz surrounding the launch of Google Chrome, Google’s innovative new web browser.

Google’s objective with Google Chrome was to help make the Web faster, safer, and easier for users. In designing Chrome with this in mind, it actively addresses many of the vast security issues that each of us faces every time we browse the Web.

On that note, we have a new partnership in the works here at Lavasoft: we’re teaming up with Google to help distribute Google Chrome. That means that, when you download and install Ad-Aware, you’ll soon have the additional security option to pick up Google Chrome at the same time – allowing you to add an extra layer of protection to your online experience.

If you haven’t tried Google Chrome yet, it’s exactly what we have come to expect from the folks at Google: fresh, minimal design with sophisticated technology. Here’s a look at the main security highlights of Google Chrome:

  • Sandbox architecture to isolate your browsing

Each tab you use is run independently and is sandboxed, to help prevent access to other parts of the browser or your computer. That means, if a website compromises the security of a tab, it shouldn’t affect any other components of your computer.

  • Phishing and malware protection

You’re alerted if you’re about to visit a site that may harm your computer. The list of sites suspected of phishing and malware is constantly updated to keep you safe.

  • Private browsing

You can open an incognito window when you don’t want your browsing history saved on your computer.

  • Fast, automatic updates

Chrome users are protected with the latest security fixes and patches.

Watch this space, along with the Lavasoft Support Forums and our monthly newsletter, for more news to come!

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